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Podcasts for moms

Podcasts for Moms

Anyone else a podcast junkie? Sometimes I think I may have a problem, like my addiction to mugs or t-shirts with witty sayings on them.     I discovered podcasts a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since! My super smart hubby introduced me to the wealth of knowledge and relatable conversations […]

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Madeline’s Toy Box: A story of a Hemangioma & Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Click here to donate A toy box: Just a simple way to ease the fears of children going in for treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. My heart breaks every time I take my daughter to PCH and I see all the hundreds (and thousands) of innocent children getting treated for conditions that are serious and […]

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Angry Mom

I Don’t Want to be an Angry Mom

I’ll admit it. My kids periodically push me to the point of yelling. I don’t mean to reach the point of anger, but I occasionally lose my cool. These aren’t my proudest parenting moments. I do my absolute best to calmly explain why their undesirable behavior is wrong and discipline them accordingly, but toddlers aren’t […]

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Working from Home Image

Tips to Make Working from Home Productive

I went back to work eight weeks after having my son, Cohen. It wasn’t easy, but I was fortunate. I was able to work part-time from home and part-time in the office and my in-laws provided free daycare. I’ll admit, I had an idealized vision of working from home. Babies nap all the time, right? […]

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8 Tips to Balance Motherhood and Friendship

Remember those Friday and Saturday nights when you hung out with your girlfriends? After motherhood, those nights are often consumed with finishing work deadlines, making dinner, tending to fussy kids and managing a household. Before you know it, months pass by before you take time to spend an evening with your favorite gal pals. For […]

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I was Terrified to be a Stay at Home Mom

    Total shock. That’s the only way to describe my feelings on the day I received the news that my position had been eliminated. As I packed up my office, I felt fear.  My worries were not only about of what my future held, financially, logistically and personally, but (I hate to admit it) […]

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