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girl drama

Banning the Words: Girl Drama

  “It’s too much drama!” My daughter complains as she spills the details of a squabble she experienced in the park. I am not a proponent of the word since it furthers the myth that young girls and women are unable to get along with one another. Much to my dismay, I’ve heard this word too […]

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Love for a Birth Mother

I joyfully share my heart with another woman. When my husband and I began our adoption journey about a decade ago, we felt led to pursue international adoption. Although it was not THE reason for choosing this route, the lack of involvement of birth parents in the process appeared at first to be an added […]

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Mommy Friendships | Sharing Life (Part 2)

This is Part 2 in a three-part series on Mommy Friendships. To read Joy’s first post on thinking before we speak, click here. The most challenging relationships for me have always been friendships with other women. If we aren’t in direct competition (looks, achievement, material success) we are in a passive competition (children, marriage quality, […]

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