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Making Time to Read

I have always loved to read. My mom tells stories from my childhood about having to take away my books during the summer so I would go outside and play. We used to go the library every Sunday afternoon, and I would spend hours picking out stacks of books to read each week. As an […]

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book club

Secrets to a Lasting Book Club

I climb out of my car, grab my book and head toward my friend’s door. A knock later, I am embracing my book club buddies, exchanging stories and catching up on life. We’ve had this ritual for several years. We gather together once a month and cook for one another, discuss our book and reflect […]

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Local Resources

3 (Local) Online Resources to Check Out This Summer

Scottsdale Mom’s Blog is a big fan of online communities. It is understandable that the internet is often where you look first for information—but it can be tough to whittle down what is actually useful. Here are three local online resources that are hopefully handy this summer. Scottsdale Public Library. I am a big reader—but those […]

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The silver lining to the stomach bug

 My eldest daughter came down with a stomach bug– YES- that awful thing! One minute she was bubbling with energy, running after a ball at her soccer game.  Just a few hours later she was back in bed, looking pale. Then it started … Fever, vomiting, scrubbing sinks, endless worry, loads of laundry, up all night holding […]

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The Happiness Project: 5 Ways to Show your Husband you Love him

I’ve been on a reading frenzy lately. Fiction, non-fiction, historical non-fiction, spiritual, parenting… My bedroom nightstand would look like a cluttered book mess without the help of my trusty Kindle: One of the books I’ve been reading is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. (And it’s not pictured because it’s tucked away neatly inside my […]

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5 Blogs I Love to Browse

If you are on Christmas “break” with your kids right now, I hope that the lack of schedule is proving to be enjoyable and relaxing. I crave structure as much as the next Type A personality but there comes a time when I really do love a good chance to sleep in (to 7:30) and […]

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Six Reasons a Scottsdale Mom Should LOVE Our Local Public Libraries!

1. STORYTIME! (AKA Children’s Programs) From Toddlertime at the Phoenix Public Libraries to Shake, Rattle & Roll at the Scottsdale library Branches, to a number of interesting sounding programs for older children that my little guys are still to young to have tried, I simply love the children’s programs at our local public libraries. They […]

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