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How to Save Your Child’s Artwork Without the Clutter

My daughter has built an empire of collected art projects from school. They are wonderful in the sense that she’s proud of them and they also tell me a story of how she’s progressed throughout her preschool year. (eg: Wow look at that scissor use! Impressive, animals now have eyes on their head instead of […]

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6 Inspirational Spots for Instagram in the Valley

If you love taking photographs, having an iPhone or a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to take pictures and immediately post them on Instagram. The Valley offers countless moments of beauty, whether it’s the mountains in the horizon, the glorious sunrises or the ethereal sunsets. Even if this natural beauty doesn’t make you sparkle, there are […]

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The Amazing Kid Car Wash!

How to make a kid car wash. I am a total sucker for backyard birthday parties. So when it was time to plan my daughter’s third birthday, I headed to Pinterest to browse, pin and plan the best we-don’t-have-a-pool-but-we-can-still-have-fun-with-water birthday party ever! As I searched various birthday related pins, I came across two for a […]

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DIY Cake Stands

I have a slight obsession with cake stands. I love their elegant look. I love the height they create in a table-scape. So naturally when I came across do it yourself instructions to make cake stands out of candle sticks and plates, I rushed out to snatch up supplies! Bonus? This might be one of […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

There is something incredibly therapeutic about digging, sowing, planting, watering and fertilizing. Getting your hands dirty, the scent of wet earth and the satisfaction that your hard work has paid off in the form of green plants, beautiful flowers and healthy fruits. Now that my daughter is old enough to wield a trow of her own, we have started […]

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Happy Closet, Happy Momma

I always loved watching when Oprah would give tours of her home and office. Colin Cowie would be walking with her and pointing out how her closet was not only organized, but beautiful. Every nook and cranny of her house was gorgeous and cleverly and meticulously neat. Obviously Oprah has a few (read: many) helpers […]

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