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moms school supply list

Mom’s School Supply List

You’ve been to Target and Walmart, then went back home and filled your Amazon cart with school supplies. Backpacks bought. Pencils and pens procured. School shoes scored. The kids are all set for the first day of school, but what about you? Yes, mama, YOU need your own back-to-school supply list! Because let’s face it, […]

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10 Reasons why I like Target more than costco (6)

10 Reasons Why I Love Target More Than Costco

Target. Costco. Two words that send moms into declarations of love while conjuring up gleeful images of roaming the aisles with reckless abandon, scoring deal after deal. While both stores offer large quantities of family items, from floss to furniture, all at reasonable prices – moms seem to pledge their allegiance to just one. #TeamTarget or […]

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10 New Emojis Moms Need In 2016

One of the most anticipated tech updates of 2015 was the introduction of new emojis (tacos!) for smartphone users. Emojis have quickly become a regular part of messaging lingo and like millions of text messaging enthusiasts I dove headfirst into trying out all of the new mini faces and icons. (hello unicorn!) As I was texting a fellow […]

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SMB Mom Resume

If A Mom Had A Resume

Back when I was fresh out of college, I worked as a recruiter and looked a resumes all day long. I saw some fairly interesting things to say the least. I recently found myself wondering what the resume of a mom might look like. Day to day, and hour to hour, even minute to minute, […]

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7 Things I Thought Were Easy Before I Became “MOM”

Sometimes motherhood means making sacrifices… or at least, adjustments. I believe that every stage of life carries the ability to challenge us, but I think you’ll agree that the changes introduced by joining Motherhood are unique in their scope. In light of Mother’s Day Month (because let’s call a spade “a spade”: it should at minimum last a month), […]

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