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Be My Baby

Be My Baby

Let me first say that I do not really want any more children. We couldn’t handle any more children, actually. I know my patience level, and threshold for crazy, and I believe my husband and I are pretty much there with three young children. But this month my baby turns two. And I am feeling […]

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Why Preschool Enrollment Stressed Me Out

Why Preschool Enrollment Stressed Me Out

My three year old son has officially completed his first semester of preschool (do they have semesters in preschool?). I’m not going to claim that surviving the last five months makes me some kind of preschool parenting expert, but my family has learned a thing or two over the last year that is worth sharing. In January 2015, my […]

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How To Miss A Childhood

First let me start by saying how EXCITED I am to be here!! My name is Jessica Williams and I am a mother of two and a full time business owner for Session Nine Photographers. You might have seen me photographing each of the Mom’s Night Outs each quarter (sign up for the next one!!). […]

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