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Three movies that teach

3 Movies that teach gratitude

The season of gratitude is here! It’s time to Boo your neighbor, prep for Thanksgiving, and teach your kids to be gracious when they open the extra large value pack of socks from Aunt Matilda at Christmas. Adding one more task to our already full plate seems overwhelming, but with these movies, you can sneak […]

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Create Your Personal Gratitude Journal

“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” – Randy Pausch Do you make resolutions? What is on your list? Have you thought about approaching your resolutions in a different way to achieve a lasting impact in your life? Cultivating a daily practice of gratitude is […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

Leading an “attitude of gratitude” on a daily basis can help you stay grounded, keep things in perspective and, without sounding too dramatic, change your life! By focusing on the positive, you will focus less on the negative, which can open up space in your life for happiness, contentment and living in the moment. Although […]

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