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My New Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Outsourcing It!

I grew up having pretty traditional family Thanksgiving. Visitors from out-of-town, a huge turkey and all the trimmings, what seemed like as many pies as people. My mom prepared for days, no, WEEKS, for this one giant meal. The menu was always the same, because everyone had their non-negotiable favorites. It was predictable, delicious, and […]

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The Appliance that Changed My life

My sister turned me on to Instant Pot several years ago. She had purchased one to give away as a Christmas gift, but ended up keeping it. 24 hours later I received a phone call telling me I had to order one of these amazing appliances right away. People always ask its worth buying one, […]

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Sunday Meal Planning {Family Recipes}

We have a new, fun feature on Scottsdale Moms Blog. We are calling it Sunday Meal Planning Series. We are going to use these Sunday posts to share with you what the SMB contributors are cooking, or what recipes they enjoy. We hope to help you find a few great meals that you can cook for your family. […]

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Mommy Quick Tips | Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Cooking.  To be honest I have a love/hate relationship with it.  Meal planning – boo, fresh homemade delicious meal – yay!  Cooking when kids are occupied and playing nicely – yay, cooking when kids are crawling up your legs and screaming – boo. As a busy family with kids in evening sports, there was a […]

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