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July 4th Fireworks Spectacular 2018

The City of Chandler rocks the town red, white and blue Wednesday, 4 with the return of its annual July 4th Fireworks Spectacular at Tumbleweed Park. The party in the park reigns across Tumbleweed from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. with a high energy celebration, all leading up to Chandler’s largest sky-illuminating fireworks display kicking off at 9 p.m. Admission into the park is free and on-site parking is available for $5 per vehicle. Visit for more information.

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Rein in Your Grocery Budget

It’s not like some months I’m buying filet mignon and others living off of Ramen noodles, yet our grocery budget fluctuates dramatically from month to month. Keeping this budget category consistent is a struggle. Tell me I’m not alone here?! While it’s still a work in progress, here are some ways I’m reining it in:  ALWAYS: […]

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surviving layoff

Surviving a Layoff

You’ve heard the saying, “What comes up must come down.” That pretty much summed up our situation. Everything WAS wonderful. Smooth sailing. Cloud 9. Picture perfect. Then the ball dropped. The company my husband worked for got a new CEO and they slashed positions. We were in the line of fire. Company wide layoffs. My first […]

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Restyle 100

Restyle Your Home With Only a $100

Does anyone get into a mid-Spring, almost Summer decor rut? Easter is over and the next “BIG” holiday is hmm… Memorial Day? I mean I love a little red, white and blue but the next “BIG” holiday where you have permission to bust out your new decor is Halloween. Halloween is 120 degree days away […]

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Self-Imposed Target Cleanse

Confession: I haven’t been to Target since February 29th.  I know it’s crazy right?  How could such a thing be true?  Well this is the current truth in our household and before you think that I live remotely in the jungles of Africa let me tell you how we got to this place. Long before […]

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DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

Cripes wrapping paper is expensive! And the cheap stuff rips and tears. Let’s be honest, how a gift is wrapped, matters. When I receive a present where the wrapping is as good as the gift inside, it makes it even more special. So how do you get quality wrap at a great price? You do it yourself! […]

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