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Friday favorites 3

Friday Favorites {Jessica}

Hello! I’m Jessica and this week it’s my turn to share some of my Friday Favorites. I took a look at my daily life and routine and tried to decide, of all things I use, touch, and wear each day – what would I feel lost without? So here is that list, my very favorite things […]

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Pro Beauty & Fashion Tips

Part 2: Look Amazing in Holiday Family Photos! The Glam Squad’s Beauty and Fashion Tips

‘Tis the season for holiday cards! That means it’s time for professional family photos, a great tradition since you know you’re guaranteed to have one “normal” picture of your family every year. Let’s face it though, it’s also an excuse for moms to escape our uniforms of jeans, yoga pants, ponytails, makeup-free, etc., in favor of […]

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Pro Beauty & Fashion Tips (1)

Part 1: Look Amazing in Holiday Family Photos! Local Beauty and Fashion Resources to Create Your Glam Squad

Part of my holiday countdown involves stepping up my beauty routine and finding the perfect outfits for holiday parties and the annual family photo session. What is now a holiday card staple, the family photo session can be a time and energy zapper for moms. First you have to either shop for clothes or rummage through closets […]

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Finding beauty in the media

Stop for one second. Listen and look around you. How much “media” are you surrounded by? I know – it can be a lot, huh? Here, I’ll go first: One son is playing on the computer, one son is playing the Xbox, I am typing on my computer, my phone is right next to me, […]

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Boobs! Yes, I said BOOBS! I’ve got boobs on the brain and feels good to finally get it (them?) off my chest! I need bra buying help!! “It’s December,” you say, “…time for Christmas, and egg nog, and warm fuzzies…but not boobs.” TELL ME ABOUT IT.  I probably should have written this back in October, […]

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