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moms school supply list

Mom’s School Supply List

You’ve been to Target and Walmart, then went back home and filled your Amazon cart with school supplies. Backpacks bought. Pencils and pens procured. School shoes scored. The kids are all set for the first day of school, but what about you? Yes, mama, YOU need your own back-to-school supply list! Because let’s face it, […]

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PlayDoh pic

Easy Glitter Play-Doh for Us Less-Pinteresty Types

So, it’s still hot out. (That’s the jist of how I start every blog post for SMB. You’re welcome.) Some of us have preschoolers who don’t begin school for a few more weeks… The bigger siblings who might be marginally helpful at entertaining said preschoolers are headed to the classroom and mamas be like: What do I […]

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Why Preschool Enrollment Stressed Me Out

Why Preschool Enrollment Stressed Me Out

My three year old son has officially completed his first semester of preschool (do they have semesters in preschool?). I’m not going to claim that surviving the last five months makes me some kind of preschool parenting expert, but my family has learned a thing or two over the last year that is worth sharing. In January 2015, my […]

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Original photo: Colouring Pencils by William Warby

Supporting Education in Arizona

Living in Arizona brings lots of unique opportunities: year-round shorts weather, the ability to get away with a tiny coat closet, and the opportunity to take advantage of great tax benefits for supporting education in our state. Arizona offers individuals three credits against state income tax that benefit education. By donating, you are redirecting a […]

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Back to School Kids

Back to School: Find Bargains and Help Kids

Half price, BOGO, Spend $5 and get these for a PENNY, Red Line, Flash Sale, Clearance, Sidewalk Sale…BARGAINS. This is my lingo. This makes my heart jump. It’s finally here…back to school savings! With school starting in the upcoming weeks, the savings have begun. Everywhere I look, I see the ads and promotions. My inbox is bombarded […]

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