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Creating your Sacred Space after Giving Birth

Most of us love the attention we receive when our new baby arrives and the overwhelming support our family and friends give. Although most of the the people closest to us often mean well, sometimes that same attention we love can feel overwhelmingly stressful and sometimes intruding. I mean, how can you blame them? They’re […]

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Feeding Baby with Mini Fresh

Mini Fresh provided me with their wonderful baby food in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. Baby’s first foods! It’s one of my favorite milestones during the first year of life. I love watching my baby’s reactions as he tries new flavors and seeing his face all covered with food. As my newest […]

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Dear Expecting Mom

Dear Expecting Mom, If you’re like I was, your mind is racing. Sure, you’re waking up in the night to go to the bathroom, but let’s be honest, you’re also awake because you’re thinking about how much your life is about to change. You’ve probably been dreaming, literally, about the first moment you see your […]

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Be My Baby

Be My Baby

Let me first say that I do not really want any more children. We couldn’t handle any more children, actually. I know my patience level, and threshold for crazy, and I believe my husband and I are pretty much there with three young children. But this month my baby turns two. And I am feeling […]

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Depression During Pregnancy

Something strange has happened to me each and every time that I’ve been pregnant. The first time, I thought I was just going crazy. The second time, I thought I knew what it was. And this time, I am for certain that I struggle with this during and after pregnancy. I wish I could say […]

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Happy Labor Day…And a little announcement about our latest labor!

Happy Labor Day! Of course we’re not taking the day off  (We are all moms after-all!) Instead, we’re taking the opportunity of labor day to share the wonderful news about our latest SMB labor! Introducing contributor Heather Terveen’s precious new addition: Charlotte Lucille! The Terveen family welcomed Charlotte on August 20th. Sweet little Charlotte joins […]

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