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Adoption, it’s ok to ask

It seems like on the internet, you can find a list of almost anything… What not to ask a parent of a special needs child. What not to ask a parent of a teen struggling with addiction. What not to say to an expectant mother. I think this can leave us paralyzed.  We stand there […]

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Love for a Birth Mother

I joyfully share my heart with another woman. When my husband and I began our adoption journey about a decade ago, we felt led to pursue international adoption. Although it was not THE reason for choosing this route, the lack of involvement of birth parents in the process appeared at first to be an added […]

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Adoption: What Not to Say?

Over the last several years, you may have seen various online articles from adoptive parents on “what not to say to adoptive parents.”  Some come from wounded places in mommies’ hearts that desperately want adoptive families to be treated with kindness.  Some try to be helpful in navigating well intended conversations with grace. A non-adoptive […]

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Adoption: Where to Start?

Maybe you’ve always talked with your spouse about adoption and think now may be the time? Maybe adoption looks like it might be the only way your family will grow? Maybe you cry every time you talk to an adoptive mother or see a multiethnic family? Your heart is tender, BUT now what? You know […]

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Homemade Baby Formula

Almost a year ago, we brought home our precious little boy through adoption. He was 9 hours old when they placed him in my arms. I am not at all biased: he is perfection. He is yummy and snuggly and delightful. I refrain from eating him but do bite him occasionally. 😉 I wanted the […]

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