Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Friday Date Night – Caffe Boa Tempe

Winner of Phoenix Magazine’s Best Restaurant Bars Award 2010 and holding an Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator, Caffe Boa obviously has a great reputation.  Although Caffe Boa has a Mill Avenue address, it’s entrance is actually off of Fourth Street and  is just far enough away from the crowds of ASU students to create […]

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7 Wonders of Scottsdale

Every city has characteristics that stand out and unite its citizens.  As a Scottsdale Mom, I’m sure you can relate to these 7 Wonders of Scottsdale:  1. Cyclists everywhere – all the time – They come in all shapes, but most of them are string-beans peddling past me.  I wonder how far they are going? 2. Public Art – […]

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GIVEAWAY: Moonbeams

This week’s GIVEAWAY will be especially appealing to all of you Scottsdale Moms and Moms-to-be (and to any friends & family members looking to help them out (and score some major points!)). My guess is ya’ll, like me, have grown tired of going to the same ole chain baby stores.  Not that there is anything wrong […]

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Resource Find:

“Don’t reinvent the wheel.” I love this little pearl of wisdom.  I assume that at any point in my life, anything that I am attempting, someone, somewhere has figured out how to do it better, quicker, with more creativity or skill etc…  Sometimes I don’t care (i.e. the best way to chop celery or to […]

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