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Friday favorites 2

Friday Favorites {Jenny}

Happy Friday! I’m Jenny, and I’m the latest SMB Contributor to participate in the Friday Favorites series. In case you missed the last few, this is where we contributors talk about a few of our favorite products, places, recipes, etc. The series has no boundaries, which is the best part about it because who doesn’t love receiving recommendations for awesome things […]

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Special Delivery

Special Delivery: Dinner Made Easier

The question of “what’s for dinner?” haunts me nightly. Rushing home from work, grabbing the kids, heading to after-school activities – dinner can seem like an endless chore, especially when I haven’t made it to the store that day and have no idea what to serve. I might guiltily resort to a frozen burrito for […]

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cupcake image1

Cupcakes for the Grown Ups {No Sharing Required!}

I am all about some shamrock shaped sugar cookies with green sprinkles to celebrate the Luck O’ The Irish…but in recent years I found a recipe I love. Please note that this treat is for all of you PARENTS.  This recipe contains alcohol and is NOT kid friendly. Treats? That the kids, literally legally, cannot touch? […]

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The best ThanksgivingRecipes

The 7 Best Thanksgiving Recipes

If you are planning Thanksgiving for the first time (or the tenth!), it can be a little overwhelming to find recipes. A quick search on Thanksgiving recipes brings up over 36,200,000 results. Well, I’m sharing with you my tested family favorites. I know you have the turkey covered, so these are the sides and dessert […]

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Your New, Very Favorite Chili Recipe

Cooler temps, I just laaaaaaaahve you!! The sappy, googly-eyed, all-in, head over heels, Taylor Swift meets Nicholas Sparks kind of LOVE. And after October 14th handed me 102 degrees – at 34 weeks pregnant – those feelings only deepened. [We haven’t forgotten, so-called “Fall”…….] It’s weird, too.  3 years ago, I was living in SE Minnesota, where for half the […]

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Make Mine a Mocktail

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, a July baby, I remember distinctly craving a frosty margarita. Cool, refreshing and just the right balance of sweet and sour. I learned how to concoct many a tasty mocktail creation that summer. But it doesn’t take pregnancy to make a mocktail great. Sometimes you just don’t want […]

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Meal Planning

Sunday Meal Planning Series {A Healthier Cobb Salad}

Our family eats a lot of salads during the summer. I’m fortunate that my three-year-old loves salad. Other vegetables are a challenge, but for some reason he likes salad. Cobb salads have always been my favorite at a restaurant, but with the cheese, bacon, salad dressing they can be as calorie-laden as a hamburger and […]

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