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The 5 Pregnancy Classes I Wish They Offered

With pregnancy comes ten months of prepping. We buy pregnancy books to learn how our body is changing, we scour the internet for articles on the best baby products and we take countless classes on breastfeeding, breathing and more. However, with all these resources, first time parents are held at a disadvantage from the start. […]

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{Mamaway Baby Sling} : You want this.

There’s a new baby sling on the market, and it is worthy of review!  Mamaway is really on to something: A high-quality, user-friendly sling that’s of ample length and width without being overwhelming. They generously gifted me one of their slings in exchange for my honest review, and let’s just say — Easiest deal I ever took. This thing […]

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morning sickness

3 Morning Sickness Remedies That Work

With each of my pregnancies, I faced morning sickness that left me exhausted and vomiting from morning until night. This time, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Despite this extreme situation, there were still a few things that worked with every pregnancy to make my days a little better. By the way, if you are one […]

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