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Break the Binky | 5 Ideas to Get Rid of The Pacifier

After my daughter turned one, I started “entertaining” the idea of helping her break the binky habit. I say “entertain” because I had more fun researching ideas of how to do the transition, and “polling” my friends than actually doing the deed. To make some excuses for myself (and my daughter), she only used the binky […]

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DIY Kid Art Gallery | Use Shadow Boxes to Display Kids’ Artwork

There are a million and one ideas out there on creatively displaying, saving and memorializing kids’ artwork. Bottom line: it’s impossible to preserve every last preschool glitter project or finger-painted masterpiece. Here’s just one idea I stole got from a friend and used for our family. The Problem: The preschooler in our house is constantly […]

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Mommy SOS | Free (and Cheap) Summer Activities for Arizona Kids

  If you’re new and just stopping in… welcome!  We’re so glad you’ve found Scottsdale Moms Blog! Today we’re back with another Mommy SOS topic.  If you missed our other Mommy SOS posts be sure to check them out.  We’ve covered some great topics – from pediatricians to preschools.  The posts are all full of great wisdom from all of […]

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Mommy SOS | Ms. Manners

Dear Mommas, My almost three year old has decided she is now “shy” and won’t speak to people. I’m not asking her to have a conversation, but I am trying very hard to teach her nice manners. Hello, goodbye, thank you, you’re welcome, I’m 2 years old, etc. However, instead of answering when someone says […]

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Broken or Scratched DVDs? Send Them to the Disney DVD Replacement Program

My kids love to do things “all by themselves” and this includes putting their DVD movies in and out of the player. Thus it is no surprise to anyone that we have quite a few movies with scratches, some are broken, and one no longer works because milk was spilled on it. Poor Finding Nemo! […]

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GIVEAWAY | Boon Potty Bench

Potty Training. Those two words together will make any new mom squirm. Unfortunately it isn’t an optional activity  in the world of mothering (darn it!).  So alas, it was time to potty train my oldest, Nora! There are so many questions that I had about potty training (as I’m sure a number of you do […]

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Mommy SOS | Picky Eaters

If you’re new and just stopping in… welcome!  We’re so glad you have found Scottsdale Moms Blog! Today we’re back with another Mommy SOS topic.  If you missed our other Mommy SOS posts be sure to check them out.  We’ve covered some great topics – from pediatricians to strollers.  The posts are all full of […]

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Mommy SOS | The Terrible Twos

Some days are easier than others. This was one of those days when everything I did with my toddler, a battle insued.  Sadness errupted and, for her, the world ended.  Me: “Which bib would you like to wear?” The Tantrum Monster: “NO! NONO!” (complete with head shaking and stif-arming) Sometime later: Me: “Reagan, please stop […]

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Mommy SOS | Potty Training

Years before thinking about having children, Kevin and I met a couple who, being pregnant with their first, told us about their plans to go diaper free with their baby.  Huh? Well, I have no clue how that turned out for them, since we moved and lost touch.  But, I was so curious, that I […]

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