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Mommy SOS | Free (and Cheap) Summer Activities for Arizona Kids

  If you’re new and just stopping in… welcome!  We’re so glad you’ve found Scottsdale Moms Blog! Today we’re back with another Mommy SOS topic.  If you missed our other Mommy SOS posts be sure to check them out.  We’ve covered some great topics – from pediatricians to preschools.  The posts are all full of great wisdom from all of […]

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Broken or Scratched DVDs? Send Them to the Disney DVD Replacement Program

My kids love to do things “all by themselves” and this includes putting their DVD movies in and out of the player. Thus it is no surprise to anyone that we have quite a few movies with scratches, some are broken, and one no longer works because milk was spilled on it. Poor Finding Nemo! […]

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Tween Birthday Party Success

Every family does birthdays differently. I love seeing traditions that families establish and snagging great ideas from other brilliant moms. So I thought I’d share a party that went over with great success this past weekend. In our house with three kids we’ve set up a tradition that keeps me from insanity. We don’t throw […]

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When The Bubble Gets Busted: Local Church Volunteer Suspected of Child Molestation

You don’t need me to tell you that being a parent is tough stuff. From the moment we learn of our child’s conception (quite possibly for years prior to that) we navigate the chlorine-free, all-natural, no added chemicals, Montessori, teach-your-child-to-read methodology with expert prowess. We own our convictions and are eager to share what has […]

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The Birds & The Bees

The what??? I know many of you may be reading this nursing your babies or cherishing the quiet while your toddler sleeps. Now I brought up THE talk and you have sweaty palms and heart palpitations. If you are anything like me, you are self-soothing, thankful that you won’t have to deal with this for […]

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