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fostering healthy family technology habits

Fostering Healthy Family Technology Habits

We’ve all done it. In the course of running late, and gathering up kids, their stuff, and our keys, we’ve driven off and 10 minutes later have realized we’ve left our phone at home. The sinking feeling can quickly turn into panic, because our smart phones now practically contain our entire lives, all bundled up […]

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argument for perfect attendance

The Argument for Perfect Attendance

There are many articles out there today that have moms boasting about how they keep their kids home from school.  In an attempt to curb stress, parents allow their children special days to wander museums or sit on the couch and watch TV. They argue this helps their children’s mental health and exposes them to […]

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kid in the corner

Kid in the Corner Aims to Shatter the Stigma of Mental Health Issues

We value our community and respect that some content may impact our readers more heavily than others. This post contains sensitive content regarding child suicide.Kid in the Corner is a local non-profit dedicated to “helping each Kid in the Corner feel connected to and supported by the community.” I heard Kid in the Corner founder, […]

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juul pen

What Moms Need to Know About Kids and Vaping

As a middle school teacher, I see my share of goofy and/or dangerous trends. Kids have needlessly planked across desks, swallowed spoonfuls of cinnamon, and spontaneously burst into Fortnight dances in the middle of class. The most current trend however, vaping, is more common (and dangerous) than you think.   What is it? Vaping, or e-cigarettes, […]

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university-105709_640 (1)

What Can Parents of Younger Kids Take Away from the College Admissions Scandal?

The details of the college admissions cheating scandal have been trickling out in the news for more than a few weeks. Parents with kids who have applied to college in the last several years, or who will be applying in the next few years, have been collectively astounded, outraged, and reconciled to the reality of […]

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