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Pajama Day

Who’s ready for a Pajama Day? Wrapping up a season of wonderful and fun holiday activities, then transitioning back into the routines of school and work can be exhausting. If you’re noticing the days flying by way too fast, it might be time to plan a Pajama Day! The point of a Pajama Day is […]

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3 Gifts for Tired Moms

3 Gifts for Tired Moms

I know what women want, especially sleep-deprived, overextended Scottsdale moms. We want a spa day. We want one hour, or two, or five of uninterrupted, unadulterated quiet time dedicated to feeling whole again. We want … and I would say, need … to power down our smart phones and power up a good nap. The […]

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Running for My Life

I can always think of a million reasons why not to run. I am tired. A cup of coffee and scanning Facebook sounds better. Or at night, a glass of wine and the time to unwind beats out pounding the pavement. But when I do make time, and get into the rhythm, running is my […]

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