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fostering healthy family technology habits

Fostering Healthy Family Technology Habits

We’ve all done it. In the course of running late, and gathering up kids, their stuff, and our keys, we’ve driven off and 10 minutes later have realized we’ve left our phone at home. The sinking feeling can quickly turn into panic, because our smart phones now practically contain our entire lives, all bundled up […]

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No Comment parenting

Let’s All Give “No Comment” Parenting a Try

When your kids are really young, you are always looking for advice from fellow parents. Playgroup gatherings are perfect opportunities to ask other moms about sleep issues, potty training, and temper tantrum strategies. As our kids grow older, and we become more comfortable with our parenting abilities, our circle of personal trusted advisors shrinks a […]

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Sparkler Safe

Be Sparkler Safe This 4th of July

For many Americans, it wouldn’t be a proper Independence Day celebration without watching a fireworks show or setting off a few fireworks of your own. Here in Arizona, like many regions in the southwest U.S. with similar ultra-dry conditions, we tend to leave the big fireworks displays to the professionals, and stick with a few, small […]

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university-105709_640 (1)

What Can Parents of Younger Kids Take Away from the College Admissions Scandal?

The details of the college admissions cheating scandal have been trickling out in the news for more than a few weeks. Parents with kids who have applied to college in the last several years, or who will be applying in the next few years, have been collectively astounded, outraged, and reconciled to the reality of […]

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Giving Thanks for Special Friends

None of us could survive motherhood without our friends. Spanning all the way from the fellow sleep-deprived Moms in our toddler playgroups to the other spirited parents on our kid’s high school sports teams, we develop a unique camaraderie with the women and men who spend time in the parenting trenches alongside us. We commiserate […]

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love and logic

The Wisdom of Love and Logic Parenting

We’ve all heard and read plenty about “helicopter parents” in the news over the last few years. Our society has placed collective blame upon them for excessive hovering and over-involvement during their kids’ childhoods, which many feel has resulted in a generation full of adolescents and young adults who can barely make decisions for themselves, […]

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Why Herd Immunity is So Important in Arizona

Here at SMB, our goal is to share the different voices and experiences of local moms. As always, comments are open for discussion, but please keep it respectful. Discussing childhood immunizations can sometimes become a rather heated topic. Parents are faced with making important decisions about their children’s healthcare from the minute they first find […]

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