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Good Enough

Good Enough is Good Enough

Good enough. Not great, not terrible. But good enough. Could I really be that kind of parent? Before kids (BK), I was a bit of a perfectionist. Always have been. I never liked to do anything unless I felt I could excel or put my best foot forward. In college, I remember skipping class if I […]

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Discovering Our Desert

One of my favorite things about living in Scottsdale is the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. I was born in Tucson, and remember going to summer camp at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. When I returned to Arizona 14 years ago, this time to Phoenix/Scottsdale, I fell back in love with the mountains, diverse flora and fauna, […]

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Special Delivery

Special Delivery: Dinner Made Easier

The question of “what’s for dinner?” haunts me nightly. Rushing home from work, grabbing the kids, heading to after-school activities – dinner can seem like an endless chore, especially when I haven’t made it to the store that day and have no idea what to serve. I might guiltily resort to a frozen burrito for […]

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Mom Made Market

Mark Your Calendars for The Mom Made Market

Ladies, mark your calendars for March 19 and 20, when WestWorld in Scottsdale plays host to The Mom Made Market Arizona, featuring more than 160 mom made shops, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day.  The event will showcase food, onsite craft workshops, yoga classes, entertainment and giveaways, and of course, shopping! I appreciate (and covet) […]

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Be My Baby

Be My Baby

Let me first say that I do not really want any more children. We couldn’t handle any more children, actually. I know my patience level, and threshold for crazy, and I believe my husband and I are pretty much there with three young children. But this month my baby turns two. And I am feeling […]

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Setting the Best Intentions

As much as I love the holiday season, I always find myself a tiny bit relieved when the New Year’s Eve countdown has concluded, and the ball has dropped on another year. I welcome the return to schedules, as my kids tend to go a bit nuts when their typical routine is shattered come late […]

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Running for My Life

I can always think of a million reasons why not to run. I am tired. A cup of coffee and scanning Facebook sounds better. Or at night, a glass of wine and the time to unwind beats out pounding the pavement. But when I do make time, and get into the rhythm, running is my […]

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Dinner post

What’s for Dinner? Food Blogs I Love!

Given the time, I love cooking. Simplicity and planning are definitely key these days, especially with three little eaters that all have different tastes. My kids love getting their hands dirty, stirring and mixing batter for chocolate chip cookies, or helping chop ingredients with their plastic knives. Patience is my friend, as I silently recite […]

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Childcare options

Childcare Options: Pros and Cons

For many moms-to-be, the most pressing question (beyond the great unknown of childbirth!) is how to find the best, most affordable and nurturing childcare option for your baby. I started my research midway through my first pregnancy, visiting centers, asking all kinds of questions about meals and licensing. But, in truth, I felt pretty clueless about […]

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Make Mine a Mocktail

When I was pregnant with my firstborn, a July baby, I remember distinctly craving a frosty margarita. Cool, refreshing and just the right balance of sweet and sour. I learned how to concoct many a tasty mocktail creation that summer. But it doesn’t take pregnancy to make a mocktail great. Sometimes you just don’t want […]

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Destination Date Night

North Scottsdale Date Night Hot Spots

There is nothing more unsexy than a pile of laundry, dinner that has to made, a child who reluctantly has to complete his homework and a baby who cries every time you put him down. Or maybe it’s just me. In any case, when my husband and I have the chance to escape the day-to-day grind […]

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Part-time Blues

How to Cure the Part-Time Blues

I remember the days I dreamt of having a part-time job. When I worked full-time, with two young children and one on the way, I  fantasized about cuddly moments with the kids. All the things we would do together – music classes, playdates and visiting the library. When my youngest son was born, I decided to […]

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