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santa scottsdale

Where to go to find Santa in Scottsdale

Happy December! It’s that time of year where we drag boots out of the closet, dust off snow hats and get into the holiday spirit. For those of us with kids, this also usually means doing a Santa visit-and-photo experience. In Scottsdale, there are several exciting Santa exhibits and activities where you can experience all […]

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7 Birthday Party Hacks

School has started and fall is in the air. For me, this means harvest time and my daughter’s birthday. Nothing makes me more excited than planning for her birthday. Her birthday parties have ranged from a princess party to a unicorn party. Yes, I have gone over the top a couple times and it was fun, but over these past […]

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School Lunch Box Gadgets and Tips

So I will be the first to admit it, I am not one of the moms who make themed lunch boxes or creative hand written notes in my daughter’s lunch box …but I do like to add a little flare when it comes to the creation. Last year was the first year that my daughter needed […]

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I was Terrified to be a Stay at Home Mom

    Total shock. That’s the only way to describe my feelings on the day I received the news that my position had been eliminated. As I packed up my office, I felt fear.  My worries were not only about of what my future held, financially, logistically and personally, but (I hate to admit it) […]

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Looking for a way to answer all those toddler “Why’s” Here’s an easy tip!

Having a curious preschooler is an adventure everyday! My daughter is four and she is picking up on everything around her. She asks tons of questions that start with “WHY?” As I’m sure you know, sometimes we moms, just don’t always have a great answer for all these “Why”‘s. One of my favorite parenting tricks we […]

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Are your family’s skincare products safe? How to be smarter about what you put on your skin!

Like so many moms, when my daughter was born I became obsessed with all-things safe, natural and organic. My first change? Switching to organic foods, which was actually fairly easy to do with all the organic labeling. But, when I started looking into the skin care products we were using in my house, I was […]

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5 No-Candy Valentines For Kids

It’s that time again, it’s the month of LOVE …and chocolate!   But, if you’re like me, you may not be thrilled with the idea of your pint-sized human beings consuming mass amounts of Valentine candies (because you would like to keep your sanity!)  Of course, we want to keep it fun and still participate […]

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Why I DON’T Let My Little Girl Watch Miley Cyrus

  While sitting on our living room couch, my daughter suddenly says, “Mom, look at me. I’m Miley Cyrus!” I looked over to my beautiful little girl, shining her teeth in a weird smile, face smashed together and her hands in some crooked fashion. I cringed, not really wanting to know the answer but asked, […]

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