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A Milestone Birthday to Remember

This summer I celebrate a milestone birthday. Ironically, my closest crew (my college crew) all have spring/summer birthdays so needless to say, it has been pretty busy around here celebrating each one of US. Our personalities shine by each of our plans, blow out party, intimate dinner, staycation, wine tasting, and beach luau. (Vegas WAS […]

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My Husband as a Dad

With Father’s Day approaching, I was thinking how much my husband and I have changed as people since having kids. I mean having children IS life changing! But somewhere along the way since giving birth to our first son, I have realized my husband has lost all his five senses. I mean how does a […]

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Thank You Mom!

This is probably the most important thank you note I could ever write… yet I can’t quite find the right words. I’m talking about the amount of gratitude I have toward my mother, especially now that I am a mom. The two little words, “Thank You,” just don’t seem to be big enough. Of course […]

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BFF’s in My Head

Ok, I know I am not alone in this, I call them “besties in my head.” You’re up late at night… early morning (diaper change, bottle refill, etc…..#momlife) and you find yourself scrolling through your phone, down a deep dark Instagram hole, clicking on people who know people, who know people. I end up watching […]

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Why I Wear Red

It’s a phone call I will never forget. My blood ran cold, my stomach dropped and my knees buckled. I had just finished up producing the morning TV news show in San Diego and went to check my phone. I had several missed calls from my dad, no message which was odd because it was still […]

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Botox Gone Bad

My best friend called me in tears- her beauty treatment turned her into a beast (her words not mine.) Her first time trying to tackle wrinkles with Botox… went terribly wrong. Before even “going under” the needle, I would recommend using someone who you’ve actually seen their work (example: a friend’s face). Personally, I know […]

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