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7 Secrets to Creating a Morning Routine for a Better YOU

morning routine

Do you ever wake up late, can’t find the kid’s shoes, and then the fact that you’ve run out of peanut butter for school lunches throws a wrench into the entire day. From then on, grouchy moods, frustrated clients, and dirty laundry set the tone.

One of my favorite authors, Tim Ferriss, who’s written The 4 Hour Work Week and Tools of Titans: The Habits and Routines of Billionaires, inspired me to create my own personal Morning Success routine.  I want to set you up for success, first thing. So here are my 7 secrets to establishing a morning routine that will place YOU on top, as the Winner of the Day.

1. Wake up Before Everyone Else
Rise and shine before kids, phone calls, and other items on the “To Do” list begin vying for your time. I know, who wants to wake up early when it’s still dark out; but you’ll feel like such a winner, by 10 am. It’s like the running coach giving you a 3-minute head start on a race. Boo-yah!

2. Incorporate a No Screen Policy 1st Thing
Do ever intend to check your emails, read the news and hit social media for a quick look, that turns into a 1-hour session? It’s a time thief. And time, once it’s spent, can not be regained.

3. Drink a Glass of Water
Drinking a glass of water fires up the metabolism, wakes up the body and flushes out the toxins. It celebrates your cells, and here’s a bonus, it makes you want to eat less. Score!

4. Meditate, Pray
It sets the tone for the day. Envision your goals: your health, your finances, how it will look in 6 months if you continue to put in the effort to work out, eat healthy and pay cash for what matters.

5. Exercise Before Carpool
If you’re anything like me, you put on those yoga pants, in case exercise presents itself, somewhere between 10 am and 10 pm. It’s not like a cold; you won’t catch exercise by accident. You have to make it happen.

6. Do the Hard Things Early
Don’t allow the crappy items on the “To Do” list to overshadow Your day. Don’t give it the power to hover over your mind, like a dark cloud. Just knock it out early. Need to make that phone call, send an email or start that project? Do it now. Don’t let excuses, fear or procrastination hold you back. Conquer the day. Own it.

7. Prepare Tonight for Tomorrow
Have everyone’s lunches made and clothes laid out the night before, including your own. There’s nothing like waking up late and allowing a pony tail holder or an empty gas tank to put you into a tail spin.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. They’re all yours to use at your disposal. Make it count and Write Your Story. Here’s to the Living the Best Version of You.  Share with us, tips and tricks to your morning routine.

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