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Creating Space for YOU {Heart and Soul Workshops}

I was able to attend one of Marian's workshops in exchange for this post, all opinions are my own.

When is that last time you did something for you? Yes, pedicures are wonderful, and no one should pass up the chance for an hour long massage…..but what about something for your soul? This is where Marian Mullen’s (aka The Zen Bird) heart and soul workshops come in. They are designed to get you loving your true, authentic self and filling your soul with positive energy. 

heart and soul workshop
Last month I had the opportunity to attend one of Marian’s workshops with some other local bloggers called “Radical Self Love.” It was such a wonderful experience to spend an hour honestly discussing what love means and why we don’t express it to ourselves enough. It was time for us to focus on just ourselves, yes we love our families beyond measure…..but what are we doing to love ourselves? Marian has a wonderful energy about her, you will feel heard and accepted and in a better place when you leave her workshops. 

Marian will be hosting heart and soul workshops all year long, many of the workshops will focus on one of twelve unique and soulful concepts. The workshop for the month of May is all about Purpose

Your purpose is your longing, your knowing, your unveiling of fulfillment. It’s a powerful current and if you listen closely, your purpose will come alive and awaken your soul. -Purpose Heart & Soul Workshop

There is still time to sign up and be a part of this self-love movement! If you can’t make it to the May workshop, or are looking for a different concept, take a look at all of the workshops offered throughout the year. You will not regret spending time on YOU!

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