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How to keep your children safe online {KidGuard}

This is a sponsored post for KidGuard, SMB was compensated for sharing this post with our readers but all opinions are our own.
One of my struggles as a parent is keeping the kids safe while they are online. I truly believe granting them access to the internet, texting and games is a necessary part of them growing up. The older they get, the more time they spend on the computer, iPad or iPhone. It’s just a part of modern day life and I really am fine with my children experiencing these things. It is important socially to be able to text with friends, video chat for homework assignments, or search the web for research projects.
But, holy moly, their are landmines everywhere online. We have to worry about innocent web searches quickly becoming not so innocent, online bullying, predators, and probably so much more that I don’t want to know about. 

So what is a parent to do?

The first step is talking with your child about what the dangers really are online. I am hoping that if I keep the lines of communication open with my children through their pre-teen years, they will come to me if they have any questions, concerns or issues.
But this is not enough.  

How can I ensure my children are being safe online?

KidGuard is a cell phone monitoring and tracking system that provides parents access to their children’s text messages, phone logs, GPS location and chat messages. 
KidGuard is easy to use and set-up. It lets me see where my children are located, who they are communicating with and what websites they are visiting.
I am not a huge proponent of tracking their every move, but I do want to know where they are located when they are traveling on the bus to and from school and at after school activities. Plus I do want the option to look at their texts and website searches if I feel like something is going on that I might not approve of.  KidGuard gives me the option to do this with ease. 

You can try out KidGuard too 

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