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A Mommy Playdate {Playdate Series}

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From Renée: Kate and I have been writing a series about playdates we bring our kids on, but then we thought, what about us? We needed a Mommy Playdate!
The day worked out perfectly. I dropped my oldest off at school and then took advantage of Mountainside Fitness and their drop off childcare for my younger one. Have you heard of this? Besides having awesome childcare while you work out, Mountainside has scheduled drop off times where you can actually leave the gym for three hours. It’s only $10 for the first child and $5 for each additional, so the price can’t be beat.
Our meeting place was Kierland, and we were both hungry for breakfast. Who has time to really enjoy a cup of coffee and hot breakfast before getting the kids off to school? We headed over to Snooze and opted to sit outside to enjoy our girl time. It was our first time here and, wow, it was a great surprise!
First off, they not only have mimosas, but all different flavors. I had never heard of a Pineapple Mimosa, but that sounded like the perfect tropical addition to my morning escape. Not quite the same kick as a traditional oj and bubbly, but it sure was fun.
We’ve heard of beer and wine flights, but have you ever heard of a pancake flight? Well, Snooze has them, and they are awesome! You can choose any three pancakes from the menu and they have unique ones. We opted to split a flight and went with the Pineapple Upside-down (to compliment our mimosas, of course), Coffee and Doughnut (because, coffee. Hello!), and Sweet Potato Pancakes (living on the edge). All were totally unique and delicious, but if I had to choose, the Potato Pancakes won our top vote, hands down. Yummy!
From Kate: Mary Alice is now nine months old! Friends have been so kind and have been willing to come over most of the time so that we could visit, but now that Mary Alice is starting to eat more solids, I’m not having to worry about my nursing schedule quite as much. Getting a babysitter and meeting Renée outside of the house to chat sounded like a dream.
We only met for a little over an hour, but the conversation was so wonderful. It was uninterrupted, really-listen, and really-laugh conversation. If you haven’t treated yourself to this lately, try to make it a priority. Trade babysitting with another mom if you need to. I felt so rejuvenated after being listened to for a few hours.
Life can get chaotic with kids, its important to pour a little energy into getting some rest and conversation with those girlfriends and have a playdate for yourself!
Side Note: This is not a sponsored post for any of the businesses mentioned, just a wonderful day with friends! 

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