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Part 2: Look Amazing in Holiday Family Photos! The Glam Squad’s Beauty and Fashion Tips

Pro Beauty & Fashion Tips‘Tis the season for holiday cards! That means it’s time for professional family photos, a great tradition since you know you’re guaranteed to have one “normal” picture of your family every year. Let’s face it though, it’s also an excuse for moms to escape our uniforms of jeans, yoga pants, ponytails, makeup-free, etc., in favor of lipstick (hello old friend!) and a fun outfit. Yet there’s always a little bit of apprehension when primping for photo sessions, especially for those of us that are out of practice after living life covered in our kids’ food, dirt, and other yuckiness. Yesterday I introduced you to the Glam Squad, beauty and style resources to get you pampered and beautified for holiday events and family portraits. Today our Glam Squad experts share their favorite beauty and fashion tips that you can use at home to look camera-ready! #nofilter #noproblem

The Sparkle Bar co-founders, Leiah Scheibel and Alex Bradberry, are also moms so they get that we want to look our best yet are always pressed for time. They’ve given SMB readers realistic tips that any mom can use when doing her makeup for picture day…

Leiah, who is also The Sparkle Bar’s lead makeup artist, recommends:

  • Keep it simple. If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, don’t load up for photos. Just keep it simple with mascara, blush and a brighter-than-usual lip color.
  • For a low maintenance look, choose waterproof products that will last longer and keep, for instance, your mascara from running. You’ll be able to chase your toddler until he/she sits still without needing a touch-up.

Alex recommends: 

  • The night before your family photos make sure to moisturizer your skin and use lip balm. Everything will go on smoother the next day and  your lips and skin will thank you for the extra TLC!
  • Use a primer! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a good one either. Some of our favorites are Photo Finish by Smashbox and Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. Primers are great when you want to blur wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores and even out skin tone. They also create a base for your makeup and helps it to stay put which is absolutely necessary for any photoshoot!
  • Looking fabulous for your family photos is a lot of work, especially as a mom because you’re always making sure everyone else looks fantastic! Don’t leave yourself to the last minute, and make sure to use an HD Foundation which creates a naturally flawless complexion- almost like a second skin! One of our absolute favorites is Makeup Forever Ultra HD because its super versatile and buildable without being too much.
  • Make sure to apply enough makeup.  Add a touch more (and by touch we mean a lot) blush and lip color/gloss than you typically do in your everyday life. Those high-powered cameras can wash you out so to avoid the dreaded wash out add blush, then add more!
  • If you ever want to play it safe now is the time! Stick to classic and timeless looks. You want to look back on these photos and love what you see so remain true to yourself and go with a look that complements you and your life. It’s best to avoid anything that steps too far out of your norm so that you still look like yourself, only a more polished version.
  • It’s all about the eyes- don’t forget your eyeliner!  Eyeliner is a must but in moderation so keep it simple and use a kohl black or brown eyeliner.  To complete the look apply a thickening mascara like TSB go to, Smokey Eye by Bobbi Brown, which instantly gives your eyes the extra volume they need for photos!
  • If you’re doing any waxing or tweezing do it a day or two before the photos are scheduled! The last thing you want is to look red or swollen on the day of your shoot!

Learn more about The Sparkle Bar at, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@TheSparkleBarAZ), and Instagram (thesparklebar).


A family portrait ensemble created by Angela Isacksen of Savvy Styled Sessions and Events.



Momtrepreneur Angela Isacksen, Founder/Stylist at Savvy Styled Sessions and Events, knows first hand how much time and effort it takes to get your kids dressed on a daily basis, let alone for a family portrait session. She offers busy moms these guidelines for putting together your family’s look…

Angela’s tips for styling your family for portraits:

  • Add interest to family ensembles using accessories, prints/patterns, layers & textures.
  • Add accessories! A statement necklace, scarf, headband, bow tie or hat are all great ways to show off personalities and personal style.
  • Don’t be afraid of prints, but don’t go crazy. Plaids, gingham, stripes and polka dots are all ok, but in moderation and should be layered if multiple family members are wearing patterns.
  • Layering is key! For men and boys, layer a colored t-shirt under a button down shirt, or a vest and blazer over an oxford. For women and girls, I like using cardigans, vests, leggings, denim jackets and even tulle skirts under dresses for a little extra volume!
  • Incorporating textures can be as simple as adding a tweed hat or leather hair accessory to your family ensemble. Instead of styling everyone in denim, try cords or velvet pants.
  • Moms, style yourself first! Work out your colors, layers, accessories and shoes before anyone else in the family is styled. You deserve to feel and look great in your family photos!

Keep up with Angela on her blog, Facebook, Instagram (savvystyledsessions), and Pinterest (Savvy Styled Sessions & Events).


Drybar’s Shop Educators love to help multi-tasking mamas and suggested these time-saving tips for picture-perfect hair…

  • Get your hair blown out (whether by a professional or by yourself at home) the night before or the morning of your photo session.
  • Sleep in a hold me up clip instead of a braid or bun. This prevents creasing.
  • Stick to a style that you normally wear. If you try something new you may not be as comfortable in the photos.
  • Keep your hair off your face so everyone can see your pretty face! 
  • Make it last with dry shampoo and finishing cream. Spray dry shampoo, like Drybar’s Detox, at the roots and let sit while you do your makeup. Then “shampoo” it in and polish off the ends with a little finishing cream, like Drybar’s Chaser. Hold it all together with some hairspray to calm the flyaway’s and keep your hair off your face!!

Visit for locations and services. 

So go get your glam on and don’t forget to #smilemama!


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