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Creating FUN & WORRY-FREE New Year’s Resolutions? This is the Year!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor many, New Year’s Day ignites motivation and determination for the fresh start to a New Year!   Resolutions are made and goals are set high!  Too much pumpkin pie?  Not to worry because this is the year to get fit!  Went over-budget at Christmas?  Financial goals are set for 2014! But what happens when you fall short of these goals before the end of January?  What went wrong and why did this New Year excitement add unwanted stress? You are not the only one.

Most people face this unexpected defeat and in turn, give up; losing sight of changes they hoped for and move on with their daily routine. I too am guilty of falling into this viscous cycle… but last year I discovered effective ways to approach my “New Year’s Resolutions”!

Lift the pressure and find creative methods to make your resolutions fun and worry-free! Here are a few ideas I’ve used. I hope they help you too!

1.  DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS INTO JANUARY 1st! Going cold turkey?  We all know how that usually turns out!  Historically, it’s a guaranteed plan of burning out too early.  Instead, ease into each resolution.

My suggestion? Reevaluate your goals every month.  Focus on one month at a time and see how it’s working for you.  If you want to loose weight and join a gym, do not put the pressure of 12 months on yourself each treadmill workout.  Take one day at a time and in turn, one month at a time.  It’s OKAY to revise your goals as the year progresses.  This is not failure!   

2.  FIND A GOAL-GIRLFRIEND!            

Ohhhh, the benefit of accountability!  This isn’t the first time you’ve heard it but not a bad reminder to pair up if you haven’t yet!  When a good friend or family member knows your goals, it’s another healthy reminder to stay motivated!

My suggestion? Make it fun! SEND SNAIL MAIL!   Each of you write yourself 12 short letters of funny/motivational quotes that remind you of what you want to achieve this year and WHY!  Then you each mail one another your personal letter once a month!  Who doesn’t like getting mail?  Or a reminder from motivated YOU!

3.  DON’T MAKE ANY!            

I know.  I can hardly believe I just typed that myself but I did.  Why?  Because I want to learn to live in the present.  I am a goal-setting machine and rarely sit down for more than 10 minutes (except to sleep); I thrive on being busy.  But sometimes my weekly to-do list is all I can seem to tackle.  The pressure of my “bigger” goals being pushed aside disappoints me.  The exact opposite of why I set them in the first place.

My suggestion?  Find a happy medium!  I decided two months ago to train for a marathon; not back in January.  The timing wasn’t right then but it is now and as a result, my training is enjoyable and free of pressure.  Not making that goal at the NEW YEAR, took away months of pressure and gave me more time to focus on those days for different reasons. A breath of fresh air!

How do you all make New Year’s resolutions fun and worry-free?     

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