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Baby Diaries | Two Years Old & Three Months Old

If you’re just tuning in, Lindsey is a mama of two boys who chronicled her second pregnancy monthly as part of The Belly Diaries series. She’s been updating us monthly on life with two under two since Oscar was born. You can read her one month update here and last month’s post here.

My kids, like, keep growing and getting older. This is not what I signed up for.

I signed up for babies. One of the babies is still obeying orders and remaining baby-ish, despite the whole growing-out-0f-clothes bit, but the other one has decided that he’s done with this baby business and is going to be a miniature adult and take care of the still-baby and boss me around and tell me what he wants to eat and when he wants to sleep, etcetera.

Is there something I can do to reverse this accidental evolution? A pill he can take? Where are the babies?

This big guy turned two on Tuesday. Shoot me dead and send me out to sea. I can’t be cliché and say that “the years have flown by,” because they have certainly had their long phases, but I will say that I feel quite accomplished in having kept a little person alive for two whole years. This job of being Mom is crazy sometimes! I also never knew that my heart could keep growing and growing with love for someone who can’t even communicate coherent thoughts. And my rebel heart won’t listen to my pleading mind and just continues to grow until it’s no longer a heart at all, but instead a big, misshapen heap of mushy-love-goo.

Speaking of mushy-love-goo, here’s a picture of some! I don’t know what lottery I entered and won, but the prize was The Easiest Baby Ever. He sleeps all night, naps during the day, eats efficiently, smiles when he’s awake, let’s his big brother play “Doctor” all over him — the only requests he’s made are 1) that he be swaddled for sleep until the end of time, and 2) that his big brother not bite his fingers anymore. Reasonable petitions, I guess.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all. My gift to you was these pictures of the cutest boys in the universe. You’re welcome. See you next year!



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