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Mom Life Just Got Easier with Dream Dinners

Thank you Dream Dinners (Scottsdale) for having us in to make a meal for our family! What’s for dinner?!?  How many times a week do you dread that question? Dream Dinners is here to make that one less thing for you to think about. They take the stress out of meal planning, grocery shopping and […]

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

You know when you can’t believe something that actually came out of your child’s mouth? Something profound, something funny, something embarrassing, or even something that stumps you. I’ve had my share of “Naia-isms” you just can’t make up that my daughter, Naia, has said — most of which have made me laugh or pleasantly surprised […]

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Soccer Mom Must-Haves

This is a sponsored post for Post Consumer Brands, as always, all opinions are our own. Soccer is BIG here in Scottsdale, so chances are if you have kids, you’re spending time at soccer games. We love watching our kids play and have a passion for something like soccer. This sport teaches them teamwork, the […]

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My Husband as a Dad

With Father’s Day approaching, I was thinking how much my husband and I have changed as people since having kids. I mean having children IS life changing! But somewhere along the way since giving birth to our first son, I have realized my husband has lost all his five senses. I mean how does a […]

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10 Ways to Encourage Your Toddler’s Speech Development

Isn’t it amazing watching your little one’s communication skills develop? Toddlers are going through a stage of rapid brain development which provides the perfect time to encourage speech and language skills. There are many things you can do to support toddler communication development through play and meaningful interaction. Below are ten tips for encouraging emerging […]

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Preparing for International Travel with a Preschooler

Preparing for international travel with a preschooler can be a daunting task. There are flights to book, reservations to make, and endless blogs that give you advice on what you “MUST SEE!” Throw in an unpredictable preschooler to the mix and it’s bound to be a vacation (trip?) you’ll never forget! Preparing for International Travel […]

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Finding My Zen with Essential Oils

I’ve recently been interested in knowing more about different essential oils and how you can use them daily. I knew a little about oils in skincare and hair products, but I had no idea there are certain ones you can use for cooking, topically, and holistically. I’m big on Instagram and searching out pages that […]

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