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Christmas as a Single Mom

Holiday planning can be difficult for a divorced parent. I never imagined seeing my child’s face light up on Christmas morning, every other year. This is the fifth year I will enjoy the holidays as a single mom. Each year I add new traditions and modify old ones that do not serve my family of […]

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Saying No 2

Sometimes We Say “No”

It seems to have happened overnight. Our calendar became a shared, color-coded rainbow, over scheduled mess. Events, gatherings, sports, extra circulars, meetings, parties, plans… Partner that with a traveling spouse, and it got out of control quickly. We are very thankful to have family, friends, and things that keep us busy, but there are times […]

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Car driving on the highway

The Working Mom’s Radius

After all of January’s talk of resolutions and goals, I got to thinking about one of my long-term goals that has been in the works since before I even had kids. One day, I was talking to a coworker in an office in another state. We were working on a deadline, and she told me […]

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Holiday Season

Living in the Present this Holiday Season

Living in the present can be an elusive goal. Every year, around this time, I begin reflecting on the year that was, and thinking of what I might do differently in the year ahead. I always land on the same goal – live in the moment, and be present. To-do lists, planning ahead, being prepared – these are […]

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On Being a Mom for a Year

First off, where’s my reward? Juusstt kidding! Its really my hubby who deserves a reward for handeling me with love and grace in those first few months of no sleep! But really, it is absolutely insane to me that my baby boy is now one. A whole year old. I feel like I blinked and […]

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