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travel apps

6 Helpful Travel Apps

School will  be out soon and summer travel plans will be in full swing. When you are managing travel with family, it’s helpful to use technology to your advantage. Where is the closest gas station on your road trip? How do you take memorable photographs of your trip? When is the best time to purchase […]

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SMB Instagram

6 Inspirational Spots for Instagram in the Valley

If you love taking photographs, having an iPhone or a smartphone makes it incredibly easy to take pictures and immediately post them on Instagram. The Valley offers countless moments of beauty, whether it’s the mountains in the horizon, the glorious sunrises or the ethereal sunsets. Even if this natural beauty doesn’t make you sparkle, there are […]

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SMB Post

Is It Possible to Live Without Regrets?

As I creep into midlife, I’ve pondered the word regret. We hear it all of the time throughout our life, “If you don’t move forward with this plan, you might regret it,” or “Don’t do something you may regret,” or even a simple “No regrets.” But what does the word regret mean in the context […]

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How to Host a Debate Party

Election mania is in full swing. Candidates are running commercials, social media is focusing on the latest comments from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and water-cooler talk at work might gravitate toward the question, “Who will be the next president?” In the spirit of the election season, why not throw a debate party centered on […]

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book club

Secrets to a Lasting Book Club

I climb out of my car, grab my book and head toward my friend’s door. A knock later, I am embracing my book club buddies, exchanging stories and catching up on life. We’ve had this ritual for several years. We gather together once a month and cook for one another, discuss our book and reflect […]

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