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{Mamaway Baby Sling} : You want this.

There’s a new baby sling on the market, and it is worthy of review!  Mamaway is really on to something: A high-quality, user-friendly sling that’s of ample length and width without being overwhelming. They generously gifted me one of their slings in exchange for my honest review, and let’s just say — Easiest deal I ever took. This thing […]

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7 Things I Thought Were Easy Before I Became “MOM”

Sometimes motherhood means making sacrifices… or at least, adjustments. I believe that every stage of life carries the ability to challenge us, but I think you’ll agree that the changes introduced by joining Motherhood are unique in their scope. In light of Mother’s Day Month (because let’s call a spade “a spade”: it should at minimum last a month), […]

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A Day of Fake Fall

One Day of Fake Fall in Phoenix

The calendar tells me that fall is in full swing, and yet, as a Phoenix newbie, it’s rather hard to believe. There are no changing leaves, no riding boots, no apple orchards. A Pumpkin Spice Latte, in these temps?? Pleh. Sure, things outside are “better” than they were, but my heart loves fall, and when I look around, the […]

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10 Websites Every Mom Needs {& I don’t just mean Amazon.}

Not sure if you guys have noticed, but we live in something of a digital age. I, more than most, retain an affinity for the old fashioned… I make pen-to-paper to-do lists and include items already completed just to give them a good swift strikethrough.  (and a little mental ‘Hiyah!!’) Office supplies make me giddy, Back to School rows […]

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20 Ways an AZ Summer = a MN Winter!

Our family moved to Phoenix from southeast Minnesota 1 year ago, making THIS our first full AZ summer — and all I can say is Holy Moley. This desert dwelling thing is no joke! If you find yourself in Phoenix sweating summer or in Minnesota braving winter, you’ll surely relate to these parallels … and you have […]

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Tear Ducts

It is well-known that motherhood brings many changes to a woman’s body, but no one warns us about this one. I used to have normal-sized tear ducts; They were secure and more easily managed.  Then motherhood came and they got rearranged. I choose “Expanded” over “Forever Damaged”.   See, my heart walks outside of my […]

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Revolting But Effective: 5 Airplane Tricks for Toddler Travel

Ah, summer…  Here in Arizona, it’s the magical time of year when we who so shamelessly boasted about our wintertime awesomeness Zip-A-Lip and hunker down with 1 hand in the freezer and the other on the ceiling fan remote (This can’t be as high as it goes!!).  We sport our tank tops, schedule our pedi’s, […]

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