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Friday favorites 2

Friday Favorites {Lindsay}

Hi Mamas! My name is Lindsay and I have been a desert resident for two years now.  As the heat is upon us, I wanted to offer up a summer themed Friday Favorites.  All things to help you stay cool and keep your cool too. Enjoy!  🙂 Fifty/Fifty Water Bottles: Do you find yourself getting […]

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SMB Grapes

Produce Shaming

I feel like one doesn’t have to search long or far through the internet or among close friends for a story where someone was shamed for a parenting or lifestyle choice. I have a fairly sound and respecting group of family and friends. Up until recently, I was confidently able to say that it had not […]

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cupcake image1

Cupcakes for the Grown Ups {No Sharing Required!}

I am all about some shamrock shaped sugar cookies with green sprinkles to celebrate the Luck O’ The Irish…but in recent years I found a recipe I love. Please note that this treat is for all of you PARENTS.  This recipe contains alcohol and is NOT kid friendly. Treats? That the kids, literally legally, cannot touch? […]

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SMB Are We Done Yet

Are We Done Yet?

Recently my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate nine years of marriage. As we were sitting at the bar and waiting for our dinner reservation, “that” conversation came up. Rather unexpectedly to me, to be honest. You know, the conversation where one of you asks the other, “Are we done having kids?” […]

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SMB Mom Resume

If A Mom Had A Resume

Back when I was fresh out of college, I worked as a recruiter and looked a resumes all day long. I saw some fairly interesting things to say the least. I recently found myself wondering what the resume of a mom might look like. Day to day, and hour to hour, even minute to minute, […]

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SMB Tech Post

I Fought Technology, and Technology Won

A little over a year ago, I came across a blog post via Pinterest (aka The Devil) which talked about being present with your children. It discussed parting ways with technology and NOT being that family with little ones at a restaurant table who were engrossed in iPads and Kindles. I read this post and […]

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