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Do Your Daughters Play With Barbie Dolls?

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Last week I threw out some of my daughter’s Barbie dolls.

To be clear, I was selective about which dolls took a trip to the big recycling plant in the sky.

Barbies that looked (I’ll let you insert your own appropriate adjective, “slutty” is what comes to mind for me.) like Exhibit A (see below) did not make the cut. And to be honest, I’m sort of embarrassed that dolls like this had spent as much time in our household as they did:


On the other hand, flat-chested, appropriately dressed dolls like Exhibit B (see below) will happily remain under our roof:


We had received Exhibit A as a gift awhile back, along with a pink remote control convertible Corvette (Which is awesome and we are totally keeping.). I’m not sure if it was my older daughter’s (she had just turned 3 at the time) initial disinterest or my general apathy toward the topic that kept me from tossing it from the beginning.

Raising daughters (and I’m sure raising sons presents its own set of difficulties, I just don’t happen to have any yet) in a world filled with unrealistic beauty standards is a complex challenge. And to be honest, it’s not a topic I obsess about or hyper-analyze over. But from time to time, I’m left wondering if I should be more diligent in protecting what media, toys, and the like, that my daughters consume.

I know inevitably they will be exposed to a slew of images, topics and scenarios that I can’t protect them from. But what about now, while they’re young and I still have a large say in what they’re exposed to?

I’m dying to know where other moms stand on this topic. Where do you draw the line? Do you police what your daughters (or sons) play with in the hopes of protecting them for unnecessary pressure or inappropriate images? Or am I crazy? I’d love to hear how other moms handle this topic.

Sharing is caring!

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