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The 5 Pregnancy Classes I Wish They Offered

With pregnancy comes ten months of prepping. We buy pregnancy books to learn how our body is changing, we scour the internet for articles on the best baby products and we take countless classes on breastfeeding, breathing and more. However, with all these resources, first time parents are held at a disadvantage from the start. […]

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10 Reasons why I like Target more than costco (6)

10 Reasons Why I Love Target More Than Costco

Target. Costco. Two words that send moms into declarations of love while conjuring up gleeful images of roaming the aisles with reckless abandon, scoring deal after deal. While both stores offer large quantities of family items, from floss to furniture, all at reasonable prices – moms seem to pledge their allegiance to just one. #TeamTarget or […]

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Doll Neglect Is Real

Doll Neglect and You

Watch out, Moms and Dads everywhere. The struggle is real. It does exist. It can happen to you. Maybe you did not know about it, like me. Or, perhaps someone never properly taught you. But beware because you might be next: doll neglect and you. You think I would know a thing or two about dolls. I […]

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